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Thank you for visiting our FAQ page. Please call Vinod Patel at 281-337-5133 for any other questions or concerns you may have. Please fill out our survey for any helpful suggestions

Q1: Is this for Hindus or Guajarati’s only?

The community is for like-minded individuals who wish to share services and activities with each other. The overriding accommodating features and conveniences cater to secular faith based community values and any shared common interest group. All are heartily welcome!

Q2: When will the construction start?

As soon as 50% of the lots are sold. Nearly 16% of the 50 lots have been Villaged. Please visit website for latest updates and or find it in current VKE-News Letter project time line.

Q3: Can we add or alter Floor Plans/Elevations?

This will be your home. Once you reserve the home you will be given an opportunity to make changes to the floor plan and elevations. The changes will have to confirm with the architectural guidelines of the community.

Q4: Can one choose not to participate in the food service?

The community is all inclusive so the services offered will be mandatory in the
beginning. However once the community is established, there would be a Food Committee to consider any and all available ideas to customize the affordability, taste, quality, and sensibility aspects. Committee will comprise of rotational members to preserve unity in diversity in an active adult community.

Q5: Is there any hidden cost?

None. This is a Build from Ground Up one of a kind niche community project. Quality, Affordability, Accessibility and Mobility are the four pillars of Vishram Kuteer Community Project having just 50 homes in a 22 Acres bordering Sugar land.

Q6: Is there going to be an Assisted Living Project in vicinity/next door?

Yes in the future in Phase 2.

Q7: Is there just one Developer/ Builder?

No. This is being developed by a professional group with impeccable credentials where track record, trust and reliability are the cornerstones.

Q8: Since I don’t meet the 55 yrs old criteria do I have options to buy into the project for my qualifying close relatives or parents?

Yes, with conditional exclusivity. Please understand that this is being designed for active senior citizens and any genuine needs will be sincerely looked into objectively.

Q9: If all 50 houses are not built as planned in prescribed how the common area
maintenance and physical plant shared cost will affect occupying residents?

Residents will share respective service fees. The CAM charges are expected to be lower than most communities and are included in the monthly fees.

Q10: Can I just be an investor in Vishram Kuteer Project?

We currently have investors in place and do not anticipate needing more investors. If any of the present investors wish to sell their interest, you may buy their interest contingent upon BVK’s approval of the same.

Thank you for visiting our FAQ page, to view the complete FAQ list, visit our Downloads page or click here. Please contact Vinod Patel at 281.337.5133 for any other
questions or concerns you may have. Please take our survey for all your helpful suggestions

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